These are also known as Dicentra eximia and can be dark pink, light pink, and white in the same flower. Dark pink in color with white highlights at the base, these can also be called Lady’s Locket or Lady in a Bath. Choose from collections of shrub, bush and roses standards (discounted prices displayed). Lamprocapnos ‘Burning Hearts’ is a particularly deep shade of reddish-pink. Have a heart-shaped quality that looks as if it has a drop of blood at the bottom? ‘Valentine’ is a beautiful bi-coloured variety with cherry-red outer petals and white inner petals. Great in a cottage garden border with complementary pink and purple flowers.

We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. A Pacific Bleeding Heart variety, these flowers are white and elegant-looking, always naturalize, and can be divided after their flowering period is complete.

Subscribe to BBC Gardeners' World Magazine and receive 24 issues for 65.40 - that's a 50% saving! However, if this happens, they always regrow in the fall or the following spring. Autumn marks the start of the season to plant bare-root roses for stunning floral displays next summer. Bumblebees pollinate them and they bloom in every season except the winter. In addition, the flowers tolerate dry shade well, have blooms under one inch in size, and are deer-resistant. A plethora of color is included in this bloom, from dark pink to light pink and even white, and they can easily handle transplanting if you freeze them first in a plastic bag for six to eight weeks. Thrive in full or partial shade so no direct sunlight is needed for them to grow and thrive? They, too, can cause skin irritations in some people and can disappear and reappear at different times. You can divide them after they start blooming and they too can disappear when it’s warm, although they reappear in the fall or the following spring. They can grow up to 39 inches tall and look great as a cut flower. Also called Dicentra cucullaria, they grow six to ten inches tall and have flowers that are white in color with yellow at the base. Red Fountain The blooms are a soft pink color that can be seen from late spring until late summer. As woodland plants, they’re ideally suited to cool, shady spots in the garden with moist soil, including in containers. They can disappear and reappear at different times and they sometimes cause skin irritations in some people.
Have roots that have been used for conditions such as bruises and painful sprains as well as insect bites and stomach pain.

They also have white growths, which are eaten by ants, and their blooms have fringed edges. 1. A truly unique flower, they are easy to transplant and divide as well.

The Snowdrift has seeds that need warm moisture to germinate, usually 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by a cold moist period in 25- to 40-degree temperatures, and next by a cool moist period in 40- to 50-degree temperatures. Bleeding heart, or lamprocapnos (formerly dicentra), are elegant, shade-loving perennials grown for their pendulous spring flowers.

Also called a Pacific Bleeding Heart, they are mostly white in color and some include fringed edges. Acer and bleeding heart container display.

You can divide them after they flower and they are a hybrid of the Dicentra peregrina and the Dicentra eximia. Enjoy unlimited savings across all plants and accessories at Blooming Direct. Just as with other Bleeding Heart flowers, these can cause skin irritations for some people so caution is advised. What is a Bonnet Roof and Why You Would Want One?

They are a one-child plant and may cause skin irritations in some people. If you choose the variety with fringed leaves, their blooms repeat themselves all throughout the summer. These are a type of Fern Leaf Bleeding Heart and contain dark pink or red flowers with a touch of light pink and/or white. These showy flowers that are mostly dark pink in color have seeds that need a freezing period and they can disappear and reappear at various times throughout the year. They prefer partial shade and the seeds need to experience freezing temperatures for a while in order for the plant to look its best later on. Once flowering is finished, bleeding heart foliage will die back as the plant enters dormancy in summer. Since the flowers are infertile, you can count on them to bloom from spring to fall without any deadheading. Are a rich source of nectar and can attract hummingbirds, which are popular with a lot of growers? Have the potential to irritate the skin but this can be avoided simply by handling it more carefully? Also known as the Golden Bleeding Heart, they are mostly white in color and can grow as tall as 30 inches in height. At a glance ‘King of Hearts’ appears to have all pink flowers, but look closer and you’ll discover that the outer petals are delicately edged with white. Think about this when planting, and consider surrounding with summer interest plants that will help disguise the fading foliage. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. With these flowers, it is best to start them indoors because they need specific temperatures to start the growing process. The Fire Island variety has blue-green leaves and is deer- and rabbit-resistant. Their foliage is very attractive and they produce dozens of delicate, heart-shaped flowers in the spring. They can easily handle transplanting and they should be divided after they flower. A form of Dicentra peregrina, the flowers are dark pink or red and highlighted in white. Height … Discover more plants with white flowers.

With such a fascinating name and appearance, who’d think that the bleeding heart flowers can have many different types. They can have golden leaves; in fact, their foliage is one of the things that makes them so unique.

If you prefer to have this flower in white, it is called Dicentra Eximia Alba.
It thrives in moist woodland gardens along with ferns and other shade-lovers. Just as other Bleeding Hearts, they can cause skin irritations in some people so you should always use caution when handling them. Discover some of our favourite bleeding heart to grow. Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer, How to Grow and Care For Bleeding Heart Plants, Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane): Growing Guide for Dieffenbachia, 10 Different Types of Jasmine Plants (Photos), 10 Tips for Growing a Queen of the Night Cactus.

They also need to be frozen for a while, and you can divide them after they start blooming. They attract bees and are both deer- and rabbit-resistant, making them low-maintenance flowers to own. Below are some of their varieties. They should be frozen for six to eight weeks before planting but they are easy to divide and grow well in partial shade. A very showy flower, it is the main variety of bleeding heart flowers and is reddish-pink in color. In this guide, I have compiled a list of several of my favorite bleeding heart varieties for you to consider for your garden space. Show it off to its best advantage in a sunny spot. They will naturalize and although showy and eye-catching, the flowers can sometimes irritate the skin on certain people so handling them with caution is recommended. A variety of Dicentra eximia, these beautiful white flowers are under one inch in size and have unusual, showy foliage. Bloom great in zones 2-9, which means that most of the country can grow them? Flower colors include yellow, pink, red, and white. They are stunning and eye-catching. They grow up to 30 inches in height and bloom in late spring or early summer. Once again, starting the seeds inside is a great idea and if you arrange them with about a dozen other Lady’s Lockets or any other flower, they look spectacular. These dark pink, showy flowers have won international flower awards and they can easily be divided after flowering. Also called Dicentra peregrina, these are simply elegant-looking in light pink and white. A form of Dicentra Formosa, these silvery-white blooms grow best in partial shade and can disappear when it gets too warm, reappearing in the fall or the following spring. They attract hummingbirds and they can be divided after they flower. As woodland plants, they’re ideally suited to cool, shady spots in the garden with moist soil, including in containers. They are rabbit- and deer-resistant and work great if placed in pots that are three gallons or more in size. This is a perennial that grows well in partial sun in zones five through nine. Their seeds’ white fleshy growth gets eaten by ants so there is no need to worry about them once they start appearing. It’s perfect for brightening up a shady corner. A type of Fern Leaf Bleeding Heart, these beautiful plants with pink flowers can grow up to 18 inches in height and have unique greyish blue-green leaves. Salmon pink buds open to revel ruffled pale orange flowers which morph into a buttermilk yellow. These showy pink flowers with white tips grow up to 24 inches tall and have unusual foliage colors. They can be grown in full sun, too, as long as the soil stays reliably moist.

In addition, the White Gold variety attracts hummingbirds and blooms in the Spring. Bleeding heart has attractive mounded foliage with arching stems of delicate, heart-shaped flowers in spring. They can disappear and reappear at different times and they sometimes cause skin irritations in some people. Although they need excellent drainage, these flowers do very well in large pots, even those holding three or more gallons. If you start this flower with seeds, they need to be exposed to freezing temperatures; therefore, it is recommended that you place them in the freezer for six to eight weeks after first placing them in a plastic bag. Browse winter-hardy shrubs and perennials, indoor plants, spring-flowering bulbs, composts, fruits trees and much more. Also called Komakusa, they are showy and multi-colored, including dark pink, light pink, and sometimes white.

They can easily handle being transplanted but they should only be divided while the leaves are dormant. Bleeding heart flowers are usually pink, white, red, or yellow and their height ranges from six inches to two feet.

They contain fruit that consists of a long, thin pod and round black seeds and the seeds produce white growth, which does not need to be taken care of because it is eaten by ants. They can also be called Dicentra. It’s best to start this plant indoors and you can divide them after they start to flower if you wish to plant them in additional spots. The glaucous foliage sets off the flowers to perfection. Are fire-resistant and can even tolerate a drought? They need to be frozen for six to eight weeks in a plastic bag in your freezer and when they bloom they are elegant-looking and eye-catching even though you need to use caution because they can cause skin irritations for some people. Generally flowering in April and May, bleeding heart associates well with pulmonarias, aquilegias, hostas and navelwort. They can be grown in full sun, too, as long as the soil stays reliably moist. With powdery blue-grey leaves and brightly colored dark-pink or red blooms, they are deer-resistant and grow well in large pots, including those that are three or more gallons in size. These bleeding heart flowers are all white so they have a pure, elegant look. The heart-shaped flowers of ‘Alba’ are pure white, so it’s a good choice for illuminating areas of light shade.

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