A more important source of later chamber music is to be found in the, Parallel to the developments that led from the vocal chanson, in France, to the instrumental canzona, primarily in Italy, was the development of the dance suite. However, iconographic and documentary evidence indicate that the violin, viola, and cello most likely evolved together as a family of instruments very early in the sixteenth century and almost certainly in northern Italy.

Early sixteenth-century dance tunes in all countries of Western Europe usually had appeared in pairs: one was slow, stately in mood and in duple metre (i.e., with two beats to the bar); the other fast, lively in mood, usually in triple metre, and often melodically similar to the first. These two models can very well be considered the first examples of compositions for single players in the field of chamber music. Is music your world? Considering that it was precisely in this century that the first compositions began to be transcribed, the need was felt to transport some vocal compositions on polyphonic instruments, such as the lute, the organ and the harpsichord. The form of early chamber music appeared to have begun from the writings of Joseph Haydn and consisted of four movements: fast, slow, a scherzo or minuet, and fast. What is chamber music? This is a partial list of the types of ensembles found in chamber music. Mozart's Divertimento KV 563 is an important example; Beethoven composed a series of 5 Trios at the beginning of his career. These pieces used many instruments and (in Germany) it was common that the folk songs would contain 2-3 countermelodies to expand and elaborate the whole, and to arrange the outcome for groups of instruments. From the history of Roman music we learn instead of the “pantomime”, that is, a sort of mimic-orchestral realization of scenes with a mythological or historical background and involving solo dancers accompanied by a choir or an instrumental team. In the field of vocal music, and as an example of chamber music, the cantata flourishes, with one or two voices and a continuous bass made by the harpsichord, even though there were attempts to expand the discourse by involving one or more obligatory instruments, i.e. Chamber music is nothing more than a traditional vein of classical music, which defines any type of music intended for a limited group of performers, with its own forms, called chamber music, composed for instruments only, for voices or mixed. Chamber Music Month A History of Chamber Music, Part I: Early Ear Worms.

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