Karolina is a writer, content marketer, and email enthusiast at Omnisend. It can be intimidating. We like this email for the added personalization and interactivity. “Getting started is easy” with the clear CTA in this email. Offer a promotional or exclusive price for past customers.

At Wishpond we’ll send this email after a user has signed-on to use our platform. Users of the activity trackers from Jawbone receive this email detailing their weekly activity statistics. What should he do first? See the example of Glotrition’s re-activation email.

“You got your 1st mention”, says this Mention app email. Drip campaigns are very convenient and time-saving – you set up them once and they work for you 24/7. This article digs deeper into what drip campaigns actually are, as well as presenting some email drip campaign ideas so you can conduct them yourself. The same applies to your onboarding email series. A/B testing your email drip campaigns help you get the maximum results of your existing contacts. Customer onboarding isn’t a linear, one-size-fits-all process.

Here’s a welcome email from Ed at Groove that focuses on helping a new user create their mailbox. These are already created and written, to be sent on a precise schedule according to the triggers and conditions above. We like this email for its playful design and strong use of graphics to draw inactive users back into their accounts.

Once per month. Click below to download the most comprehensive collection of lead generation strategies and examples ever compiled.

When TurboTax users become inactive they’re sent this email to prompt them to sign-in and check up on their accounts.An update prompts users to sign back in and experience new features and new insight into their tax refunds. We like this email for its stellar design and offer for 10% to finish. There is no point in generating a blog subscriber or asking for an email address if you don’t have a strategy in place to do something with it. It also includes some great examples of other businesses effectively using drip campaigns – because companies that excel at drip campaigns have been shown to generate 80% more sales at 33% lower costs. Use these emails to inspire and encourage users to get going. Nothing is worse than getting a discount coupon for the product you bought last week! Provide possible upgrades or content that may help them in the future. Improve your targeting with fully-fledged segmentation for ecommerce, Turn your traffic into subscribers with dynamic forms for email capture, Make use of actionable reports with the data you need to perfect your campaigns. We love this email for its honesty and smart copy. If users had been inactive thus far, this email alert’s goal is to get users excited to check their mentions. Email drip campaigns, email marketing and the strategies they encompass give your business the best shot at turning traffic into customers through email. Help Scout users who’ve ended their free trial accounts are sent this offer to extend their trial for another 45 days. We love this email for its simplicity and for the casual yet well-thought-out nature of everything Groove does. We want them to stick around. This resource gives you 100 best practices, ideas and examples focused on email marketing as a whole. The 3rd email is for social proof and the discount for the first purchase.

We love this email for its vibrant colours and its clever use of upselling “for more conversions”.

No Activity/Inspiration Email. The idea is to nudge, remind, engage, and send interesting content in a friendly, non-committal manner while keeping the messages as personal and relevant as possible. Instead, put customers into email drip campaigns based on the stage they’re in, which, in turn, is based on what actions they’ve taken. Take a comprehensive look at everything email marketing with hundreds of proven strategies and examples from the world’s top marketers. Also, there is a photo of the founder and her short quote which makes the email more personal. The testimonial and excellent offer is a smart way to build a trusting relationship with customers. Improving your drip campaign emails is a never-ending task if you’re looking to achieve consistently great results. Click below to download the most comprehensive collection of lead generation strategies and examples ever compiled. It directs them to their inbox with a convenient link and to their support team if assistance is needed. Completely free.

A winback email is used to reactivate or gain back customers who have left or stopped using your service. For those who use HelloBar to capture leads on their website, they’ll be sent this email filled with stats. This is convenient, especially when comparing overall performance with separate campaigns. Users can easily see the benefits of using the complete Dropbox system. Here’s another email from Groove that is sent to people who have already set up their mailbox. The welcome email is meant to welcome new customers and give them information on what to expect next. Grammarly users are sent his milestone email that lets them know how their writing is improving. Mint, your personal book keeping app, uses this email to update users on their spending habits. Next you’ll want to tell him the what’s next to get started with your product.

These could include things like: waiting a certain number of days after the first email has been opened before the second email is sent, or waiting until a particular item has been clicked on before sending customer reviews.

The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. Email, SMS and more channels for consistent messaging across multiple touchpoints. Without this data, you won’t be able to send birthday emails.

This eye-catching welcome email from Google Local Guides wants you to start adding helpful guide info to your community. Ask yourself: What should they do next to get started? Everyone’s favourite cloud storage service, Dropbox, uses this email to prompt users to install Dropbox onto their laptop or desktop computer. At Wishpond we’ve learned, the hard way, that trying to send the same timed email drip sequence to every customer never gets the right information to the right person at the right time. Your copywriting should address your customers’ current needs. When considering a tool for drip campaigns, pay attention to the number of channels offered. Here’s another email in the Groove funnel used to win back those who’ve tried Groove. We love this email for the depth of information it provides. When we release new features or have a promotion running we’ll let all inactive and previous customers know. Welcome, cart abandonment, customer reactivation drip campaigns are those that should be launched first. Your email address will not be published. AB testing drip campaigns consist of experimenting with the following components: Email variations. At Wishpond we’ll send out a milestone email once a user has successfully built and launched a campaign. The CTA is clear and the beautiful imagery makes exploring irresistible. Always double-check if your copywriting is in line with an email trigger and overall brand communication. Actions are the actual emails – whether they be welcome series, cart abandonment reminders, birthday messages, and so on. Email Drip Campaigns for Upselling Customers, Email Campaigns: 50 Strategies, Ideas & Examples, Make Your Emails Feel Like a Continuous Conversation, A Pull Email (Educational Webinar) from Typecast, A Push Email (Promotion) from Herman Miller, Upsell Drip Campaign to upsell B2B/Saas solutions, Triggered Upsell Campaigns Based on Purchase Behavior, Upsell in Transactional/Order Confirmation Emails. Clear and precise copy, support information and a vivid example make this next step email a perfect example how to do it right. Let’s say that Carl has just signed up as a new free trial user for your Saas product. This way your communication can address which specific stage they’re in in relation to their goals. With open rates at around 80% higher than single send emails, drip campaigns’ knack for delivering the right message at the right time to the right person really pays off!

If you can afford it, use it. They are easy to implement and are highly effective.

This email is meant to positively reinforce users to keep going and growing their online profiles. UTM parameters help to do that. Before launching your drip campaign, consider the following points: Include all emails, SMS, and other messages in your plan to avoid overlapping.

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