They just need to ensure they are obeying the directional arrows on the road, and that they always give way to vehicles already using the roundabout. “Suffice to say if you are detected travelling over the limit or in a dangerous manner you should expect to be fined and or charged with the relevant offences,” Mr Stevens said. We know how road rules differ across the world, but what about across Australia? Many of us have probably passed an emergency vehicle on or beside the road, but did you know some states and territories enforce speed limits and other rules when passing these vehicles? Compare and apply now. AUSTRALIA. “Each state’s legislation and common law system is slightly different, and states like Victoria and NSW will pay some benefits such as medical costs for injuries occurring in an accident regardless of who is at fault for the accident,” he said. Going straight: People heading straight ahead can use either the left or right lane, but need to make sure they’re giving way to vehicles already using the roundabout. It’s not necessary to signal when approaching if a driver is going straight ahead, they just need to pay attention to road markings that may instruct them to stay in either the left or right lane. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. If a road has no yellow lines it means no parking. ... South Australia roundabout rules. From what you’re actually meant to do at a roundabout to using your fog lights, these are some of the road rules that confuse Aussie drivers the most. From toll roads and U-turns to horn honking and splashing pedestrians, we’ve compiled a list of some road rules that you should watch out for when travelling throughout Australia. They can also lead to rear-end accidents due to drivers mistaking the bright red rear fog lights for brake lights. However, travelers may still be confused about many aspects of life down under, including traffic regulations and driving documents. Compare now. Driving in remote areas will be a completely new (and challenging) experience for most tourists. “Sadly, many motorists think that it’s OK to drive just that little bit over but what we do know is that speed, in whatever form, impacts road trauma.”. Safeguard your home with insurance. Of course, the other, common rules of U-turning still apply; you must ensure you have a clear view of both directions of traffic, use your indicator to signal you’re turning, give way to all vehicles and pedestrians, and make your U-turn without disrupting traffic. Part 3, Rule 25. South Australia gives out at $428 fine and three points. Moreover, roads are often unsealed and/or poorly maintained. In NSW drivers must leave a three second gap between them and the car in front. In this case, drivers can generally approach the roundabout from either the left or right lane, unless there are road markings with other instructions. The penalty for unnecessarily honking your horn differs in each jurisdiction. For bus and truck drivers the limit is 0.2g/l. You must not wash your car on Sundays. As well as attracting the ire of pedestrians everywhere, a stunt like that in NSW might land you in a spot of bother with the law: a tidy 20 penalty units, or a $2,200 fine, to be exact.[1]. Particularly younger and inexperienced drivers need to be aware of any different rules between the states.”. The rules: Throughout all the territories and states you can have your licence suspended by totting up 12 or more demerit points over three years or through a single act deemed to be dangerous – such as driving more than 40kph over the limit or having a blood alcohol level more than 0.1 (that’s twice the legal limit). When she’s not using her writing major at Compare the Market, you can catch her utilising that film major at every Marvel and Star Wars film that comes into cinema. You try to swerve around it, but, gosh darn it, your tyre still hits it, and the sludgy water erupts into the air. The laws about driving in Australia with an overseas license are different in different states. Learn more about business energy plans and green options. Learn more about electricity and gas plans. So, if you’re a Victorian driving in another state or territory, you might want to keep an eye out for any signage at traffic lights you pull up to before making your turn. It’s hard enough for some Aussie drivers to keep track of the road rules in their own state. The above material is current as of February 2019. Overtaking: Drivers are allowed to overtake while using the roundabout, but they must indicate and give way to other vehicles. Many road rules in America are universal to every state – the US blood alcohol level is standard at 0.08 (higher than Australia’s 0.05), for example. Part 18, Division 1, Rule 291-3. Acting Superintendent of the Victoria Police Road Policing Command Operations, Simon Stevens, told that police don’t “discuss thresholds with regard to speed enforcement”. February 2019. Victoria is known for having a low tolerance for speeding and it is not uncommon for motorists to be fined if a speed camera catches them going over just 2km/h, or 3km/h if it is a mobile speed camera. Source: Facebook/Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Drivers travelling straight through a roundabout, should only indicate on exit, if it is practical. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. [4] Transport and Infrastructure Council – Australian Road Rules. If you want to drive in Australia – you’ll need to drive on the left hand side. Compare and save. For the next 80 years, the Convicts suffered some of the worst human rights violations the world has ever seen. If it's just your car in the accident, you must wait there for at least 30 minutes. It’s simple! In every Australian state drivers are required to move out of the way of emergency vehicles driving with their flashing lights on. [15] Transport and Infrastructure Council – Australian Road Rules. It’s paramount that you plan your journey ahead if you intend to visit these areas. Protect the whole family with pet insurance. Learn about extras, hospital tiers, the government rebate and more. Learn more about how you can protect your next trip. Foreigners who want to make the best of [...], Driving in Australia with a Foreign License and Road Regulations, Brisbane: a visitor’s guide to the capital of Queensland, Australian Border Force: All You Need to Know, Australia to Extend Visas and Suspend Extradition for Hongkongers, Checking the Status of an Australian Visa Online, The Cost of a Trip to Australia: Money Advice for Tourists, Foreign licenses in English can only be used to drive in Australia for. This is likely one of the first road rules that was drilled into you when you were learning how to drive. Search for health insurance that suits your needs and budget. On this website you can compare quotes and purchase products from participating brands for health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, life and income protection insurance, home and contents insurance, energy plans, roadside assistance products, home loans and credit cards. Picture: Queensland GovernmentSource:Supplied. “We are not quite sure where this misconception comes from,” he said. This rule is similar in Victoria where it is illegal to sleep intoxicated in the front seat of your car. That distance is bumped up to 20m if there are traffic lights on the intersecting road. Please ask your Avis representative if any queries arise. This document is only recognised in Germany new drivers may not use it when driving in other countries. There are two common types of drivers in Australia: Those who usually travel under the speed limit at all times and have a conniption if they find themselves 1km/h over, and those who believe in the 10 per cent rule. [13] Transport and Infrastructure Council – Australian Road Rules. March 2018. Source: File/Getty Images, Drivers need to pay attention to arrows and signs at each roundabout. While most rules are pretty standard across the states and territories, there are some subtle differences that could catch interstate visitors unawares. Although traffic is regulated and laws are enforced by state authorities, most of the road rules are common throughout the country. If three children are travelling in the rear of a vehicle and there is not enough room for three child restraints, an exception will be made. In South Australia you will be fined $115 for violating the 10m rule, compared to the $153 you have to pay for breaking the 20m rule. In the outback, drivers may travel hundreds of kilometers without towns or service areas in sight. Transport for NSW told that motorists should only make way for these vehicles “if it is safe to do so”. However, just be aware that you may void your cover if you break any road rules or contravene any laws, which is why it’s doubly important to check the road rules of the state or territory you’ll be driving in before you depart. Based on content from the Queensland Legislation website at 19 March 2019. Going straight: Vehicles driving straight through the roundabout don’t need to indicate before entering, but should signal left when they are ready to exit. In these states drivers are required to leave a slightly smaller two second gap between them and the car in front. New drivers reaching the age of 18 have a maximum of three months to apply for (and collect) a full driving license. If a driver is leaving a roundabout less than half way around it in the Australian Capital Territory, they need to enter and stay in the left lane until they exit. Byron Bay Council is known to be strict on people sleeping in their cars. There are a few exemptions to this ruling when seatbelts need not be worn: It is illegal to transport children under the age of three in a vehicle which has no fitted seatbelts. 18 Cycling in Germany MF English-language edition . But what happens when this coincides with other important road rules? Exiting the roundabout: Like on any normal road, motorists should signal left when leaving a roundabout, but only if it is safe, and they should stop indicating as soon as they exit the roundabout. Compare rates before you send money overseas. It’s important to keep in mind that phone coverage in remote areas may be very limited. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. March 2018. Select what's most important to you in a credit card. Exiting: When exiting, drivers should signal left when they’re leaving, but only if it is practical to do so.

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