Warm rain melts snow more quickly than hot sunshine, most of which is reflected by the white surface. Drought is one of the worst disastrous of various natural hazards.

If the maximum temperature remains above normal by 8°C or more, then it may be termed as severe heat wave. Therefore the water temperature must be >27 °C. (iii) Sprinkling irrigation also increases the temperature of the air. Natural hazards are those resulting from an adverse interaction between a natural process and human society or its man-made environment. As a result, a giant sparkle of lightening is generated. The flash floods are most common in those areas which experience heavy thunderstorms. Copyright 2020 - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - Legal Disclaimer - Fraud Notice, Tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones, COMMUNITY EPIDEMIC & PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS, Risk reduction in practice: a Philippines case study, HurricaneZone.net - The Global Source for Hurricane Information, CIMSS - Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, Current Tropical Cyclones, NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US National Weather Service, Interactive Weather Information Network, American Red Cross fact sheet - Hurricane, American Red Cross fact sheet - Severe thunderstorm.

Drought 3. Foehn is one of the hot winds, which is generated by adiabatic heating when the air mass descends on the leeward side of the mountains. Contingent droughts occur when rainfall is erratic and variable. Prohibited Content 3. Cold advection is more injurious during winter season because it creates a typical hazard when the field crops are in their seedling stage.

High temperature conditions lead to the formation of a low pressure area. A tropical cyclone is a non-frontal storm system that is characterised by a low pressure center, spiral rain bands and strong winds. These are generally found in high latitudes where extra tropical cyclones are prevalent during winter season.

In India hailstorms occur during winter season. Natural hazards are further defined by the following categories: Tectonic (Seismic) Hazards – These hazards are associated with the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates. Drought: Drought occurs in those areas of the world, where the soil moisture is not sufficient to … Privacy Policy 8. Mass-movement hazards include: Hydrologic Hazards – These hazards are characterized by a severe excess or lack of water, including: Meteorological Hazards – These are hazards related to atmospheric patterns or conditions and are generally caused by weather factors such as precipitation, temperature, wind speed, and humidity. Their severity is further enhanced by the advection of hot air from other hot areas. Drought occurs whenever the supply of moisture from rainfall or stored in the soil becomes insufficient to fulfil the optimum water needs of the plants. There has been no universal theory of the tornado formation.

Shelterbelts can be raised to decrease the effect of high temperature.

These winds carry huge thermal energy which can melt the snow very quickly. Therefore, every year potato and tomato crops are damaged worth crores of rupees due to low temperature injuries. Heat waves often develop over Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab areas, which are far away from the coastal areas.
Under these circumstances, the rate of arrival of water at the surface of the earth is much greater than the infiltration rate into the saturated soil. Agrometeorology, Agriculture, Atmospheric Condition, Weather Hazards.

Under such conditions, agriculture is not possible without irrigation. High temperatures are experienced during summer season in many parts of the tropical and sub-tropical regions. These winds are comparatively warmer and drier than the prevailing air mass of that area. Their number is smaller over the oceans than over the land, owing to lack of intense convection above water surface.

Lightening can strike the aircraft causing heavy damage. Meteorological hazards include: Biological / Health-Related Hazards – These are hazards that cause or are related to disease of plants, animals, and humans. Storms 5. Yield of the crop is adversely affected under these conditions. These hot winds are also caused when the air mass descends down the slopes. Low temperatures generally retard the growth of the crop plants. The intensity of heat wave is found to be maximum during the months of May and June.

Generally, these winds are generated in those areas which are located under the influence of anticyclonic circulation. A winter storm emerges from a extra-tropical cyclone, a synoptic scale low pressure system that occurs in the middle latitudes of the Earth and is connected to fronts and horizontal gradients in temperature and dew point. The vegetable crops are more sensitive to high temperature conditions. The tropical storms occur in Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. As a result, cyclonic circulation along with strong updraft leads to the formation of a funnel shaped storm cloud associated with extremely loud roaring noise and unusually intense lightening.

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