Private equity is an asset class that also has the potential to offer higher, growth asset type returns. This is not always the case especially say in the corporate bond space if you want to sell a big block of bonds as it might take a while to sell your entire position. As a result, many companies are choosing to stay private for longer. From small start-up ventures to globally established businesses, our team of over 80 practitioners has a long standing reputation for excellence in the Private Equity sector. Are SA investors more motivated by money or morals? The sole global investment category where BlackRock’s clients and those of its peers are still opting for high-margin active management is private equity. How difficult is it to access assets in the private market space? Appreciate the advice. The reality is that private market assets are less liquid than listed assets but liquidity does depend on what underlying asset class one refers to, and how the portfolio is structured. My latest venture, launched in May 2012, is Palico, the world’s first online private equity fund marketplace for fundraising and secondary opportunities. We also believe that the return and diversification benefits of investing in private markets are best captured through a “buy and hold” approach. Diversification should not only be thought of as having more assets in a portfolio, but also increasing sector and vintage diversification. This is probably an accurate statement if one’s portfolio to-date has consisted of listed equities, cash and bonds. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Private market funds are normally structured as en commandite partnerships or as notes (often these notes are listed), so they might be perceived as complex to the uninitiated. AM is a full tier below PE/HF. It includes, for example, private equity buyouts, private equity secondary investments, direct investments in infrastructure and real estate, unlisted corporate loans and mezzanine financing. Rather, it is: • differentiation of investment strategy;• the consistency with what was promised to investors;• absence (or lowering) of volatility in returns;• repeatability of core investment selection, execution, and value creation processes; and • a high-quality, seasoned team with a culture of openness, debate, and dynamism, Catering for various investor return/risk objectives. That being said, one can compile a portfolio of private market assets that has a much improved liquidity profile trumping the traditional notion that an investor commits to a fund and sees a return on their capital in 8-10 years’ time. Asset managers are setting a new private equity-focused course. Bulking up in private equity is all the more pressing for asset managers given the report’s further prediction that the pool of actively managed capital earmarked for public markets will shrink by over a third in five years. They’re even reorganizing their corporate hierarchies to do this more efficiently. For us “Private Markets” is an umbrella term encapsulating a variety of illiquid (or semi illiquid) investments that cannot (not necessarily) be sold at short notice and require longer investment horizons and patient capital. Using Palico, investors, fund managers and service providers from over 140 countries meet and transact with each other, uniting a private equity fund community that has become increasingly fragmented by geography, specialization and investment structure. Some say that private market assets provide superior returns. The perception, especially in SA, is that all private markets are totally illiquid. Within real estate private equity, there are two distinct roles: Acquisitions and Asset Management.

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