It comes with 1 battery but has room for 2. Connect Ring Indoor Cam with Alexa for hands-free home monitoring. There are some new built-in privacy features - including the ability to disable audio recording and a blue LED light that indicates when the device is recording or in Live View. Both also lack person detection and geofencing, which other cameras use to cut down on false alerts. My internet password assigned to me by the provider was a combination of letters and numbers. Also, the Blink doesn’t give you geofencing or two-way communication, and its 720p image was a bit fuzzy in darker areas. It's nice looking, unobtrusive and lightweight, but it does have Ring emblazoned on the front, a trend we'd like to see smart home companies move away from. We liked the Nest Cam because the Works with Nest program allowed it to enjoy the widest compatibility with other smart-home devices. See, save, and share videos and photos when you activate video recording and photo capture for $3/month per device or $10/month per household. There's a problem loading this menu right now. A new feature that is available now is Ring's Linked Devices option, which is an automation tool of sorts, letting you decide what your other Ring devices do when one detects motion. With an indoor security camera especially, you want to know if that motion is a person, a pet or a billowing curtain. We use cookie files to improve site functionality and personalisation. (Bill is also a self-proclaimed “paranoid infosec guy.”) He evaluated each camera for any outstanding security flaws and concluded that all of our top picks and the budget Wyze Cam passed basic security standards and protections. We’re also going to test the Ecobee SmartCamera, which captures 1080p images with a 180-degree field of view, has built-in Alexa voice control, and supports HomeKit. Integration with Alexa and other Ring products is very good, but if you want wider smart home compatibility you'll need to go elsewhere. Unlike the outdoor Arlo cameras, the Arlo Q doesn’t require a base station—it connects directly to any Wi-Fi network. The Logi Circle app, available for iOS and Android and as a Web app, is easy to navigate. The subscription costs for the Arlo are also lower than those of the Logitech or the Nest. With the same internet connections, Ring is dead last on responsiveness. The camera will still send you motion alerts, but you can see only a still image of the action—for just a three-hour window. We considered only cameras that operate over Wi-Fi without the need for a networked video recorder; we narrowed that list down based on reviews, features, and price. Events are displayed on a timeline of bubbles off to the side of the screen. We liked being able to create and label specific motion zones in the app, as well as setting a schedule for when we didn't want to receive alerts from the camera. The latest Arlo, the Arlo Ultra, is pricey, but it pumps images up to 4K resolution and has a great daytime image. Please try again. Arlo Ultra 2 and Pro 4 Wire-Free Spotlight Cameras go live, How to stream your Nest camera to a Google Chromecast, How much does Nest Aware Cost? We appreciate that the company continues to iterate and improve a product that costs about as much as a pizza. Another issue-when I access the camera on my phone it will often just search and search and show nothing to me at all. Use of Security Cameras is subject to the terms found here. *At the time of publishing, the price was $112. It's a nice feature but it needs some more finessing, such as the option to scheduled when those actions occur. The Blink Mini is the newest security camera on the block — and it costs just $34.99. The Ring Indoor Cam is an affordable smart security camera that delivers sharp 1080p video. Please try again. It’s not as sharp as our other picks, but it’s better than a lot of cameras that are four times the price. In fact, we never experienced a false alert during our testing. Nest Cam is bigger and more expensive and with less flexible mounting options - but it's smarter, with actual person alerts (and Facial ID if you go with Nest Cam IQ). The average price of a security-camera-service subscription ranges between $3 and $10 per month, with length of video storage and other features, such as person detection, varying. Once the cameras were hooked up, we monitored day and night activities, including the comings and goings of two adults, one child, and a dog. Plus, as we already had the Ring skill installed on Alexa, our Alexa app immediately connected to the camera too for voice control. The Ring Indoor Cam looks like a shrunken Ring Stick Up Cam. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have the fastest internet (35/5) or not, but side by side, Ring gets beat easily every time from notification time to getting the live image on my screen. The Angee is low on features and big on operating costs. With Nest Aware, you are treated to precise alerts. Customer service responded quickly, offering a replacement well after the warranty had expired. I had to get my password changed by calling my internet provider before I could install the Ring camera. Inexpensive, easy to use, well-designed and very small, this is an excellent indoor security camera. The DCS-8000LH has no two-way audio, and the DCS-8010LH displayed poor images; the DCS-8300LH and the DCS-8525LH are plagued by a bad app and missing alerts. However, size is the main design feature here: being so mini means you can fit it in any corner, crevice, nook or cranny you want (as long as there's an outlet nearby). (For a deeper look at potential privacy and legal concerns, see our post “Security Cameras, Ethics, and the Law.”) Buying a Wi-Fi camera should be a household decision in which placement, usage, and viewing is agreed upon by everyone concerned, but that may also include babysitters, housekeepers, and tradespeople, depending on local laws.

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