Mike Bowden – Stanley Townsend (The Libertine, Florence Foster Jenkins, The Shadow Line, Fleming) Should she survive, Karl and Elise are likely to want a word. Things get very ugly for the young women – she is raped and beaten. Does she miss the plane by design or is it a life-saving fluke. Suze believed all her Christmases had come at once when she takes charge of a medication delivery, able to help herself to her illegal gains. Laura Roebuck – Angel Coulby (Merlin, The Jacket, Vincent, Imagine Me & You, Undercover, Conviction) This seems a little bit quick for Karl’s charm to have worked on someone as frosty as Elise but Stephen Dillane’s disarming charm is so well done that we can believe it. Investigation wise, Karl tracks down the diary of Gemma, the prostitute/lower half of the body, from one of her co-workers and the knowledge that she had a new, politically-minded boyfriend while Elise finds herself visiting the abattoir used to dismember the bodies. Alain, the man with the connection to the French MP who made up the top half of the tunnel’s body, gets a rather quick pay-off to the amount of time devoted to him during episode one, doing little here apart from being harassed into the path of an oncoming train. Now we have the freedom to do this.”. Mike Bowden – Stanley Townsend (The Libertine, Florence Foster Jenkins, The Shadow Line, Fleming), Category: PBS, The Tunnel Tags: Angel Coulby, Clemence Poesy, Emilia Fox, Hannah John-Kamen, Johan Heldenbergh, Mish Boyko, Nicolas Wanczycki, Stanley Townsend, Stephen Dillane, The Tunnel Season 2, Thibault de Montalembert, William Ash, 29,767 Spambots Blocked by Simple Comments, © Dawn Westerberg, All Rights Reserved Website Built by Rosiemedia www.rosiemedia.com, This Is Us The Wedding Recap Season 2 Episode 18 #ThisIsUs, Atlanta North of the Border Recap Season 2 Episode 9, The Walking Dead How It’s Gotta Be Recap…, Atlanta Alligator Man Recap Season 2 Episode 1, House of Cards Season 6 Episode 4 Recap Chapter 69, Suburra Enjoy Your Meal Recap Season 1 Episode 4, The Romanoffs The One That Holds Everything Recap Season 1 Episode 8, House of Cards Season 6 Episode 3 Recap Chapter 68. Episode two does finish establishing their individual characters though. Elise Wasserman is unwittingly hijacking a mandated leadership class. Rosa is a believer; noting – were she to become collateral damage – it’s simply part of the commitment, “Violence is the only way to make the world pay attention.” But what is it that she believes and what does the world need to pay attention to? But what is “this”? The two body halves found in the euro-tunnel were the first of these, sent to symbolise “inequality before the law”. Home; TV; The Tunnel episode 2 review; Reviews The Tunnel episode 2 review. It is at the “Symposium for Tolerance & Understanding” that Fournier has instructed Thibault to take out just one of each. I’m glad to see that both Laura Roebuck and Olivier have returned. Episode one spent much time setting up the relationship between Karl and Elise and with more minutes devoted to Stephen and his sister this week, we don’t see as much of that partnership and the characters spend more time apart. Sonny Persaud – Clarke Peters (Chance, People of Earth, Jessica Jones, London Spies, Midsomer Murders, Show Me A Hero, Treme, John Wick, Person of Interest, The Wire) The plane sequence was so awful to watch – brilliantly done – but emotionally brutal. Good characters can do bad things and vice versa. Events take a dramatic turn when a plane crashes into the Channel. Rosa Persaud – Hannah John-Kamen (Killjoys, Tomb Raider, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, Happy Valley, Whitechapel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) It’s done so quickly that we only just had time to grasp that it’s something to do with tax payer’s money being used to care for elderly people. Laura and Karl’s marriage had to endure a lot last season – the death of Adam and Karl’s cheating. Through Thibault we learn that Rosa and Robert Fournier are romantically involved. Vladka – Edyta Budnik (The Bletchley Circle, Suspects, Coming Up) Earlier I mentioned that Stephen had evaded police attention despite having links to Gemma, but I think they’ll come calling after this. Given how much passports are a part of this episode, it is a red flag or a red herring? 2.2 The Tunnel Episode Sabotage Next up is an early morning visit to the Roebucks. We got paid. Rosa Persaud – Hannah John-Kamen (Killjoys, Tomb Raider, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, Happy Valley, Whitechapel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) Along with his wife, who gets a single, silent scene this week, this is the part of The Tunnel that’s currently throwing in more questions with zero answers. Soon the new bride is locked in a room, pounding on the door asking for her passport and the money that was promised her. French and British police arrive at the scene: Capitaine Elise Wassermann of the French police, and DCI Karl Roebuck from the UK. From this witness, a sketch is compiled and broadcast by the media. We hear a male voice saying, “Not the kid, not the kid.”. I was very worried that it was going to get preachy and heavy-handed – it certainly swerved in that direction, but wasn’t too bad – and when one of the attendees starts playing “Kumbaya” on the guitar – it’s a gentle, humorous nod that the characters (and writers) aren’t two-dimensional zealots. .cls-2{mix-blend-mode:screen}.cls-3{fill:none;stroke:red;stroke-miterlimit:10;stroke-width:4px}.cls-4{fill:red}. The plane sequence was so awful to watch – brilliantly done – but emotionally brutal. Stefan is involved in this nasty business but is made to appear more sympathetic as he gives the bride what she needs to make an escape attempt. The Tunnel Sabotage Season 2 Episode 2 Recap characters and cast include: Elise Wasserman – Clemence Poesy (Final Portrait, 127 Hours, In Bruges, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2) The Tunnel Sabotage Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – What is the connection between the software developer and the brides for passports ring? Our perp does all this by running a video online via the UK Police server. That’s usually not a problem except that there’s so little time devoted to this plot strand this week, it’s likely to be lost in what’s becoming a complex shuffle. The Tunnel is beginning to mark out its own territory, and continues to enthrall. (We’ve learned that Czyrko was undercover and that he was killed in the plane crash.) Robert Fournier – Johan Heldenbergh (The Zookeeper’s Wife, Moscow Belgium, The Broken Circle Breakdown) The comments sections for articles about and reviews of The Tunnel’s debut episode all had the same theme running through them: how pointless the show seemed, being a remake of a television programme from only two years ago and following a recent US adaptation of the same. The Tunnel nearly bungles its shock ending with some hurried exposition as Danny Hiller receives news of the second of our culprit’s “truths”. Karl lets Laura know that he has made a decision to go back to CID and Laura is equally anxious to get back to work now that the twins are a few months old (I’m guess on the age of the babies). Robert Fournier’s crew includes Rosa Persaud (Hannah John-Kamen) and (I think) Thibault Briand (Nicolas Wanczycki). Season 1 aired from 19 June through 21 August 2016, Season 2 from 15 June through 3 August 2017, and Season 3 from 1 July through 5 August 2018. Eryka Klein the assistant of Paul Bresson (who’s been referred to as a judge) is questioned by Karl, Elisa and Olivier. He brought the briefcase with him – so is part of the plan for the passports in the briefcase to be found? She seemed happy to steal from the elderly lady in her care one moment but yet felt sorry for her lack of visitors, chastising the woman’s family for never being there. This was a tricky part of the show. Next Thibault takes out a Jewish boy and finally Thibault murders Aamira. She’s pleading for mercy for her daughter Chloe. But they don’t make it. 2.2 The Tunnel Episode Sabotage He and his team use his technology to wrest control of a jet away from the pilots (and the autopilot system) and crash the plane into the English Channel killing all on board. Elise asks if Bresson and Eryka were lovers. There were two characters we are introduced to (and the episode lingers on) that will ultimately be passengers on the doomed jet: Paul Bresson – we see him preparing to accept his doctorate from the University – the diploma will be one of the items that washes up on shore and is found by the boys in the opening scene. It’s not completely abandoned however. Thibault is an admitted racist – hates both Jews and Muslim and for all those outside of those two groups, well, he’s happy to “put a bullet in their hypocritical backs.” What a sweetheart! Thibault Briand – Nicolas Wanczycki (Love at First Fight, The Family, Me Myself and Mum, The Returned) Like most things to do with Elise, it’s simple, straight forward and incredibly direct. Directed by Dominik Moll. A break through in the Karl/Elise relationship is achieved by the end of the episode when she finally succumbs to one of his terrible, dad jokes, which leads to an admission about her past. Inside the Channel Tunnel, on the borderline between Britain and France, the body of a woman is discovered. There are many unanswered questions, but one thing I’m pretty certain of is that Karl will follow the siren song and rejoin CID and reunite with Wasserman to get to the bottom of this case. The Tunnel Sabotage Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – The premier episode of the second season opens with a grisly discovery on the beach. Vanessa Hamilton – Emilia Fox (The Pianist, Silent Witness, Merlin, David Copperfield, Cashback) And be our Facebook chum here. This is a huge break in the investigation. He coldly shoots his wife in the head. The Tunnel really delivered with its finish this week though, and the pay-off to Keeley Hawes’ part of the storyline. Once their “meeting” concludes, Elise leaves on the grounds that she cannot sleep next to someone. At Suze’s nursing home, the inhabitants are dropping like flies while Stephen finds Suze in a bad way at home. Read James’ review of the previous episode, here. Karl Roebuck – Stephen Dillane (Zero Dark Thirty, Game of Thrones, Secret State, 44 Inch Chest, King Arthur, The Hours, Spy Game) With Valérie Zaccomer, Clémence Poésy, Cédric Vieira, Stephen Dillane. Follow our Twitter feed for faster news and bad jokes right here. We spent a lot of time with Stephen this episode but so far he’s seemed to evade the cop’s radar, despite having links to the prostitute whose lower half was found in the tunnel. He leaves behind an envelope full of money and a memory stick in his hotel room. In this episode, we see the young woman, Olena, sitting at the water’s edge still sporting her bruises, holding her passport. Vanessa Hamilton – Emilia Fox (The Pianist, Silent Witness, Merlin, David Copperfield, Cashback) In an earlier scene, we learn from Elise that Mrs. Fournier worked for the government in cyber security and that Mr. Fournier is a software developer – specializing in GPS technology for large fleets. Chasing down the leads they’ve uncovered from the torched van brings them to a petrol company where one of the employees remembers helping Rosa. He’s obviously being set up to be a potential suspect as he is a man with ideals and one who seems to see himself on a crusade to help others. Olivier Pujol – Thibault de Montalembert (La Setinelle, Days of Glory, In My Skin) The Tunnel is establishing itself as a show where characters aren’t easily defined as good or bad. But the case is complicated when a plane crashes into the Channel, killing all on board. Or will they be able to keep the relationship intact? I’m glad we’re finally getting more episodes of The Tunnel to enjoy in the United States. Last week’s focus was very much on the dynamic policing duo of Elise and Karl, whereas this week we saw much more of shady Stephen, the man who seemingly helps immigrants into the country.

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