Students pay for an affordable active learning solution when you adopt one of the following: Top Hat is the perfect partner for your LMS.

Learn about the powerful active learning features of Top Hat Pro and our new, free offering, Top Hat Basic. The quickest way to join your course is with its unique 6-digit join code. In the top-right corner of the screen, you will see an expiration countdown clock for your free trial. Offer immersive content that facilitates student understanding outside of the classroom. Dynamic, interactive textbooks make it easier to learn new concepts. Connect with your professor and peers using questions and polls, Check your understanding with interactive quizzes and assignments, Top Hat's app is on mobile and web, meaning you'll never forget your clicker, Dynamic, interactive textbooks make it easier to learn new concepts, Get instant feedback on questions you struggled with and track your progress in the Top Hat gradebook, Access digital materials no matter where you are, and keep them forever, Leverage students’ devices to increase in-class engagement and get real-time feedback, Adopt and customize affordable, interactive textbooks, Create and personalize homework to build student comprehension, Securely administer exams and quizzes directly on students’ devices, “[Top Hat's in-class participation feature is] great for answering professor questions.”, “Great alternative to published texts, would prefer more of my classes use this app.”, “An excellent resource for student success both in and out of the classroom. Participate in your professor's courses. Associate Professor, College of Optometry, Senior Lecturer, Department of Geosciences, Create community in any online classroom with tools and tips from, Stream lectures in real time with built-in video conferencing tools, Record class meetings and embed videos directly in Top Hat for self-paced learning, Take attendance and present and edit slides, Create polls, quizzes and synchronous discussions to encourage student comprehension and participation, Guide student learning step-by-step with reading materials, interactive media and assessment questions, all in one place, Adopt, or supplement your existing materials with, “assess-as-you-go” content from Top Hat or partners like Bluedoor Publishing and Fountainhead Press, Record your lectures and easily include them in students’ learning materials, Edit and customize content to suit your course needs, Create homework assignments and in-class activities using multiple-choice, numeric, fill-in-the-blank, matching questions and more, Include subjective questions you can grade yourself, Provide contextualized, in-line feedback and grades on uploaded student assignments, Easily run summative tests with set start and end times, Maintain academic integrity by verifying test-taker identities, Monitor student activity and receive proctor reports that flag irregular student behavior, Instantly analyze student performance with questions that are auto-graded upon submission, Track student attendance, grades and participation levels in one comprehensive gradebook, View at-a-glance reports that identify which students are struggling and which are doing well, Facilitate discussions with students—during lecture and afterwards—to keep tabs on their learning, Analyze gradebook data and surface the insights that are most important to you.

Top Hat is always free for professors. Top Hat’s student-centric experience engages and motivates learners with captivating virtual classroom features, interactive course content and built-in assessment capabilities. Top Hat Intro Courses combine interactive textbooks, lectures, quizzes and assignments on a single,…, Top Hat empowers educators to engage students and unleash their potential, Top Hat makes learning fun and effective with an engaging active learning app that students can access from anywhere, Top Hat helps innovative educators at more than 750 institutions drive student success before, during and after class, Top Hat offers dedicated instructional design support, onboarding services and technical assistance, Monday to Friday, 9AM–9PM EST, Build an online learning community that will motivate and engage students. Simple to use, and reliable to boot!”, “Top Hat seriously has the fastest and best customer service ever.

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